Payback     Mon. July, 28 at 09:00 am
Calvin plans to get revenge on Travis Harris for shooting him. Curtis makes plans with Ella then pretends to be sick when he gets tickets to a baseball game. When footage of Curtis at the game is aired, Curtis does everything he can to keep Ella from finding out.

Daddy Day Scare     Tue. July, 29 at 09:00 am
C.J. is left to look after the twins during the big game. Ella gets in the way of Calvin's transition back home.

Payneful Matrimony     Wed. July, 30 at 09:00 am
Malik marries Summer. Calvin and Miranda have a hard time adjusting to living with Curtis and Ella.

What You Know About Me     Thu. July, 31 at 09:00 am
C.J. and Janine have a party and don't invite Curtis and Ella. Malik and Summer argue over an obscure anniversary.

Not in the Cards     Fri. August, 01 at 09:00 am
Curtis gets sucked in when Floyd hosts a casino night at the Help Center. Jazmine gets in trouble for talking in class.

All Work and No Play     Sat. August, 02 at 08:30 am
Calvin and Miranda may be able to move out. meanwhile, Jazmine goes to work with C.J. and Janine.

Sadly Mistaken     Mon. August, 04 at 09:00 am
Calvin throws a party while the family is out of town. The firefighters help Calvin.

And Justice for All     Tue. August, 05 at 09:00 am
Malik meets someone on the Internet, who turns out to be a pedophile. Curtis and Claretha have jury duty together.

I Got the Hook Up     Wed. August, 06 at 09:00 am
C.J. is having dating dilemmas and Curtis motivates the other firefghters to help C.J. by offering a paid day off as incentive for anyone who gets him a date. Ella and Claretha befriend an HIV+ woman, Karen, who is volunteering at the Help Center.

Absolutely Positive     Thu. August, 07 at 09:00 am
Curtis gets a colonoscopy and thinks he's dying. Calvin goes on a date with Karen, the woman who's HIV+.

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