Unexpected Results     Sat. April, 19 at 08:00 am
C.J. and Tanya break up after an unexpected surprise and everyone thinks Jazmine's a genius based on miscalculated test scores.

Payne Speaking     Mon. April, 21 at 09:00 am
Curtis protest his retirement at City Hall and C.J. reveals to Curtis that he's taking Curtis's job at the firehouse. Meanwhile, Ella battles with an innovative new pastor who plans to shut down the help center to make way for a new multi-media outreach program.

Parental Payne     Tue. April, 22 at 09:00 am
Calvin confronts Miranda, thinking she had an abortion. Meanwhile, Malik is cast in the school's production of Othello but the supposedly liberal father of the white girl cast opposite Malik won't allow Malik to kiss her in the play.

Payne, Payne Go Away     Wed. April, 23 at 09:00 am
C.J., Janine and the kids move out of the Payne house. Meanwhile, Jazmine, feeling ignored by everyone and jealous of the twins, decides to run away.

Marriage Paynes     Thu. April, 24 at 09:00 am
All three couples go on an eye-opening marriage retreat. At the end of the retreat, Miranda asks Calvin for a divorce. Meanwhile, Claretha and Floyd babysit for the twins while everyone is away--it's scary.

Ms. Curtis     Fri. April, 25 at 09:00 am
Running into each other for the first time since she asked for a divorce, Calvin and Miranda get stuck in an elevator together. Meanwhile, Curtis accidentally takes Ella's estrogen pills, and we see his "softer" side.

Oh Christmas Payne Pt. 1     Sat. April, 26 at 08:00 am
When Jazmine fails to appreciate the real meaning of Christmas, family members and friends share their own versions of the Nativity story with the family taking on the roles of Mary, Joseph and the innkeeper.

Where There's a Will, There's a Way     Mon. April, 28 at 09:00 am
After the death of a friend, Curtis and Ella prepare a will. Meanwhile, Miranda's mom pays a visit.

Epic Fail     Tue. April, 29 at 09:00 am
Ella is overwhelmed and falls behind in her studies due to church duties, household duties, taking care of Curtis and the rest of the family. Ella fails a test she needed to graduate and she snaps on the family. Meanwhile, Calvin and Miranda realize it's the day of their anniversary, and they both pretend they didn't forget.

Foster Paynes     Wed. April, 30 at 09:00 am
Ella brings home a troubled youth from the Help Center. Meanwhile, Janine and Miranda compete to get in a competitive day care.

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