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Home Improvement

You'd think that grunting like an ape would be a weird premise for a television show…but Tim Allen's grunting is a whole different ballgame. Home Improvement is based on Tim's stand-up routine that discusses the differences between men and women, and their outlooks on life. (Here's a hint - men need more power!) The routine was so funny that executives at Disney thought a family-based comedy might be able to explore that on a weekly basis. Home Improvement was born.

The Taylor family is fairly typical - Jill, Tim and sons Brad, Randy and Mark. But typical is never in season when Tim's around. As host of his own TV show called "Tool Time," Tim's always good for a mishap or two and seems to spend more time in the emergency room than on the set. He is ably helped out by right-hand-man Al Borland and gets his advice from neighbor Wilson. Over the years, viewers get to see the boys grow up, watch Tim blow up practically every part of his house and sympathize with Jill - but we never see Wilson's face as it's usually hidden behind a fence, bush or door. (For you rabid Home Improvement fans, there is one time that Wilson is on-air in all his full-faced glory - the series finale!).

The Taylor boys became teen heartthrobs in their years on Home Improvement. Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen have both moved on to successful movie careers. But what's the one thing most every man loves about Home Improvement? Well, that would be the Tool Time Girls - the launchpad of Pamela Anderson and Debbe Dunning. Regardless of why (or who) you watch, Home Improvement is a great mirror, allowing families to laugh at life's daily craziness.

So batten down the hatches, line up the bandages, and tune in to Home Improvement. It'll keep you in stitches (and Tim already has stitches, so…) Catch Home Improvement weekdays on TBS.

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